Meet Anita Wardell

Anita Wardell may be the greatest singer you’ve never heard. Well-known in Europe, but barely known in the US, Wardell is one of the best scat singers in jazz today, and she also is a superb interpreter of vocalese, jazz originals and standards. Thomas Cunniffe introduces you to Wardell in this profile which features 5 complete audio selections and a video performance.



The musical worlds of soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom encompass visual art, modern dance and outer space. A brilliant improviser and educator, Bloom has been a vibrant part of the jazz scene for over 30 years. Thomas Cunniffe’s profile includes detailed descriptions of her finest recordings.


Luciana Souza: Passion and Versatility

Few contemporary vocalists have the stylistic range of Luciana Souza. She is a remarkable improviser and composer who can not only offer passionate interpretations of songs from America and Brazil, but is also a collaborator with contemporary classical composer Osvaldo Golijov. Thomas Cunniffe introduces you to Souza in this JHO profile, which includes audio and video clips of Souza at work.