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Thomas Cunniffe is the founder, editor and principal writer for Jazz History Online. He developed and taught an award-winning jazz history course at the University of Northern Colorado. He was an editor and contributor to www.jazz.com, and he has also written articles for www.jazzinstituteofchicago.org and the Jazz Heritage Foundation Jazz Journal. He was a presenter at the Denver Jazz on Film Festival, and he co-produced the album “Jim Riley and Some Colorado Friends”. His discographical research was incorporated into the revised edition of “The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz”. He has contributed liner notes for albums by local and national artists including Charlie Byrd, Ann Hampton Callaway, Michael Hashim, Houston Person, Donna Wickham, Al Hood and Marti Mendenhall. Tom performs as a vocalist in the Denver metro area, specializing in jazz and choral music. He performed for over 10 years with the virtuoso a cappella choir Kantorei, and wrote program notes for their concerts and CDs. 

About the site:

Jazz History Online is committed to covering the finest in jazz history past and present. All of the writers are also working jazz musicians, and use their experience to discuss jazz in a manner that is accessible to both musicians and laymen. We welcome suggestions comments and donations from our readers. Please e-mail comments and suggestions to jazzhistoryonline@gmail.com. Donations may be sent via PayPal through the Donate button on the Front Page. We encourage all readers to become Facebook fans of our page. Either click the Like button on the Front Page (right below the photo of the newspaper) or go to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JazzHistoryOnline.

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To reach us by email: jazzhistoryonline@gmail.com

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