Hello everyone— We have entered a strange time over the last few months. Who could have expected that a virus would so affect our lives and our livelihoods? As we try to pull ourselves out of quarantine and back into our daily routines, let us not forget the lessons of COVID-19 by appreciating all of […]


Notes from the Editor 02-20

Hello everyone, Hope you’re having a lovely winter. Here in Denver, we’ve received twice as much snow as normal and the mountains have had epic storms. Those who go up to the mountains to ski have raved about the fresh powder–and complained about the traffic to and from! One of our new CD Review columns […]


Frankie Newton: The Forgotten Trumpeter (Part I)

Despite appearing on some of the greatest jazz records of the 1930s, and possessing one of the most personal sounds in jazz history, trumpeter Frankie Newton is barely remembered today. His biography is filled with contradictory information, and his discography has several mysterious gaps. Thomas Cunniffe sorts out the conflicting details and discusses all of Newton’s recordings in this special 2-part Historical Essay.