Book Reviews

  • Tubby Hayes: The Long Shadow of the Little Giant (by Simon Spillett)

    In a long-awaited biography, British saxophonist and jazz historian Simon Spillett examines the music and life of Tubby Hayes in The Long Shadow of the Little Giant. Spillett details the development of the British modern jazz scene and Hayes’ primary role within it, and also tells of Hayes’ addictive tendencies and messy personal life. In…


  • Harlem Jazz Adventures (by Timme Rosenkrantz)

    Timme Rosenkrantz was a Danish baron with a deep and abiding love for jazz. He spent significant parts of his life in the US, and his memoirs have been translated and collected in the new book Harlem Jazz Adventures. Thomas Cunniffe reviews the volume in this month’s book review.


  • The Baroness (by Hannah Rothschild)

    The Baroness Pannonica Rothschild de Koenigswarter was one of a handful of non-musicians who played small but pivotal roles in the history of jazz. The Baroness’ great-niece Hannah has researched Nica’s story for radio and television documentaries, and has now put her findings in book form. Thomas Cunniffe reviews the volume.


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