From the Editor 12-18

Happy New Year!
This final issue of 2018 was intended to be a full edition with the usual compliment of book, CD and DVD reviews along with the 2018 Summation. But as they say, the way to make God laugh is to make a plan. After finding 10 new CDs to review and planning out the year-end review, my computer decided to stop working. Thanks to the quick work of the techs at Action Computer in Denver, I was able to pick up a new computer this afternoon–New Year’s Eve day! So, this issue is limited to just the 2018 Summation, and the materials included in that article are items that were reviewed in the four full issues published earlier in the year.

Look for a new issue in mid-to-late January, which will include reviews of the above-noted 10 CDs, a new book on European jazz, several vintage recordings and more. At that time, I hope to share news with you about the future of this site. Things are falling into place to make this a much better website, with additional writers, more concert reviews and a new look. But before I make God laugh again, I will curb my tongue until the deals are finalized.

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Thomas Cunniffe

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