From the Editor 09-14

We’re back! If you expected new articles at the beginning of September and wondered why they weren’t there, let me explain. To better cover new CD releases, we’ve changed our publication day to mid-month (usually the 15th, but due to unavoidable circumstances, we’re a little late this month).  in the past, I wouldn’t publish a review more than two weeks before the disc was issued. By publishing mid-month, we can cover discs released anytime in the month and be fairly sure that a purchase link will be available for the review.

We have several fine CDs in our review section this month, including vocal discs by Cyrille Aimee, Claire Martin, Tierney Sutton and Roseanna Vitro, as well as instrumental CDs by the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, The Cookers and Coalition. Our Book Review features two superb volumes by Mick Carlon, which combine fictional characters with Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and the members of their bands. Our Retro Review pays tribute to the late Charlie Haden and his 1969 album “Liberation Music Orchestra”.  I attended the Vail Jazz Party over Labor Day weekend. The Concert Review was published about a week ago, but if you haven’t read it yet, please take a look. 

After months of waiting for new jazz documentaries, two of them have appeared! In our DVD Review, we cover the long-awaited Clifford Brown film “Brownie Speaks”. And in our Sidetracks column, we review a wonderful new film about Clark Terry and his student, Justin Kauflin. This film, “Keep On, Keepin’ On” will start a theatrical run(!) on September 19. (It just proves what can happen when high-powered Hollywood players like Quincy Jones and Harvey Weinstein combine their forces for the good of jazz.) Finally, our friend Tom Lord of The Jazz Discography found another rare Swingle Singers recording, and we have added the entry to our discography.

If you’ve found us in the last few weeks and wonder what happened to all of the old articles on the Front Page, rest assured that they are still here and easy to access. Just use our Search function, the sitemap or the category tabs at the top of the page to find any of our 300+ articles.

Also, please note that we’ve extended our fundraiser. If you have donated to us this summer, thank you! If not, please click the “donate” button below the photo of the newspaper on the Front Page, which will connect you to our secure PayPal portal. Or if you’d prefer to send a check, please consult our fundraising article here.

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Thomas Cunniffe

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