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Swingle Singers Gallery
Before the Swingles, Les Double Six...

The Double Six rehearse with Quincy Jones, April 14, 1960. L-R: Ward Swingle, Christiane Legrand, Jean-Claude Briodin, Claude Germain, Jacques Denjean (hidden), Quincy Jones, Mimi Perrin, Jean-Michel Poudebois (holding boom).

The French Swingle Singers (1962-1973)

The Swingle Swingers rehearse in Ward Swingle's Paris apartment. Standing, L-R: Jean-Claude Briodin, Jean Cussac, Christiane Legrand, Jeannette Beaucomont, Claudine Meunier, Anne Germain. Seated, L-R: Claude Germain, Ward Swingle.

Swingle 2/II (1973-1977)

The first English group poses for a photo used for the UK release "Madrigals". Back, L-R: David Beavan, Linda Hirst, John Lubbock, John Potter, Ward Swingle. Front, Carol Hall, Olive Simpson (seated), Mary Beverly.

The New Swingle Singers (1978-1984)

The back liner of the UK edition of "Swingle Skyliner" with individual portraits of the singers.

The Swingles under Mark Williams (1997)

The Swingle Singers in 1997 or 1998. Back row L-R: Mark Williams, Robert Kearley, David Porter-Thomas, Gavin Cuthberson. Front row L-R: Heather Cairncross, Rachel Weston, Deryn Edwards, Sarah Eyden. 

The current group

The Swingle Singers at BBC Radio 3, January 11, 2012. L-R: Tobias Hug, Clare Wheeler, Christopher Jay, radio host Sean Rafferty, Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson, Kevin Fox, Sara Brimer, Oliver Griffiths. Photo courtesy Sara Brimer.

Swingle Reunions

Ward Swingle consults with Tobias Hug and Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson at the 2012 London A Cappella Festival.
Photo courtesy Sara Brimer.

Detail from the back liner of the Double Six Quincy Jones LP, featuring rarely-seen photos from the sessions.

An autographed photo of the French Swingle Singers, 1967. Standing, L-R: Guy Pedersen, Hélène Devos, Christiane Legrand, Jean Cussac, Claudine Meunier, José Germain. Seated L-R: Joseph Neves, Daniel Humair,Ward Swingle, Jeannette Beaucomont.

Performing Luciano Berio's "A-Ronne" on British television. L-R: John Lubbock, John Potter, Ward Swingle, Carol Hall, Olive Simpson, Catherine Bott, Linda Hirst, David Beavan.

The Swingles under Jonathan Rathbone (1986-1995)

The 1991 edition of the Swingle Singers. Standing L-R: David Porter-Thomas, Helen Massey, Andrew Busher. Kneeling L-R: Jonathan Rathbone, Linda Stevens, Heather Cairncross. Seated L-R: Ben Parry, Deryn Edwards.

The Swingles under Joanna Forbes (1999-2004)

The Swingle Singers perform in Korea during the 40th anniversary tour. Mike Bradley (drums), Alexander L'Estrange (bass). L-R: Tobias Hug, Jeremy Sadler, Meinir Thomas, Johanna Marshall, Kineret Erez, Joanna Forbes, Richard Eteson, Tom Bullard. Photo courtesy Joanna Forbes L'Estrange.

Same day and venue, but without Rafferty, and MUCH less formal!

Three generations of musical directors: Joanna Forbes L'Estrange. Ward Swingle, Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson. Photo courtesy Sara Brimer.

Celebrating the CD release of "Live in New York", back row L-R: Kym Amps, Julie Kench, Michael Dore, Tobias Hug, Simon Grant, Philip Sheffield, Patrick Ardagh Walter, Jeremy Sadler. middle row L-R: Jacqui Barron, Jo Goldsmith-Eteson, Joanna Forbes L'Estrange, David Hudson (sound engineer), Meinir Thomas, Kineret Erez, Johanna Marshall, Tom Bullard, Richard Eteson, Ward Swingle. Front row L-R: Olive Simpson, Susan Bickley, Carol Canning. Photo courtesy Joanna Forbes L'Estrange.

Celebrating Ward Swingle's 80th birthday, 2007. Standing, L-R: Johanna Marshall, Kevin Fox, Patrick Ardagh Walter, Holly Skelton (works in Swingles' office), Tom Bullard, Rachel Weston, Wendy Nieper, Carol Canning, David Hudson (sound engineer), Ward Swingle, Michael Dore, David Porter-Thomas, Michael Robinson, Tobias Hug, Alexander L'Estrange, Joanna Forbes L'Estrange, Costa Peristanianis (manager), Kineret Erez, Olive Simpson. Crouching or sitting, L-R: Lindsay John, Carol Hall, Clare Wheeler, Nicole Tibbels, Françoise Swingle, Julie Kench, Jo Goldsmith-Eteson, Simon Masterson.

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