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Fats Waller At The Pipe Organ
by Thomas Cunniffe

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FOR ALL OF YOU PIPE ORGAN GEEKS (you know who you are), here are the specifications for the Victor Estey pipe organ (copied from Paul Machlin's book "Stride: The Music of Fats Waller"):

Opus 2370

Three manual pipe organ with pedals

Compass of manuals CC to C4, 61 notes

Compass of pedals CCC to G 32 notes

Great Organ:

Major open diapason 8'

First open diapason 8'

Second open diapason 8'

Major flute 8'

Flute 8'

Gamba 8'

Gemshorn 8'

Viol d'Orchestre 8'

Viol Celeste 8'

Flute 8'

Flute harmonic 8'

Oboe 8'

Cornopean (in place of trumpet) 8'

Clarinet 8'

Saxophone 8'

Vox Humana 8'

Swell Organ: 

All stops duplicated from Great, with addition of Tremolo

Solo Organ:

Stentorphone 8'

Tibia Plena 8'

Gross Gamba 8'

Gamba Celeste 8'

First Violin III ranks

Flute 4'

Piccolo Harmonic 2'

Orchestral Oboe 8'

Tuba Profunda 16'

Tuba 8'

Clarion 4'

Pedal Organ:

Open diapason 16'

Bourdon 16'

Bass Viol 8'

Trombone 16'

Tuba 8'