Ellen Johnson

Laurie Antonioli: Innovation and Mindfulness

Laurie Antonioli is the very definition of a jazz singer. As director of one of the Jazzschool Institute, Antonioli continues to expand the possibilities of jazz singing. In this exclusive interview, Antonioli talks with Jazz History Online’s Ellen Johnson about her influences and goals.


Sheila Jordan: The Bass/Voice Duets

Sheila Jordan once said, I think I may have been a bass player in a previous life. My favorite way to sing is with the bass. Jordan’s duo recordings with bass accompaniment have been some of her finest work. This month, Jordan’s biographer Ellen Johnson, offers the first part of a two-part Historical Essay on these seminal recordings.


Theo Bleckmann: The Mad Genius of Vocal Jazz

Theo Bleckmann is one of the most innovative jazz vocalists on the current scene. He has explored a wide range of music from Charles Ives to Kate Bush. In this exclusive interview with Jazz History Online’s Ellen Johnson, Bleckmann discusses his many collaborations and his use of electronics.